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Media Destruction

Data Destruction is often referred to as "Degaussing", or erasing the data from the physical tape. This process does not destroy the media itself, only the recorded data. Data Destruction or Degaussing can be done at your site, or at a Computer Supply People location. If completed at your location, The Computer Supply People will provide all equipment and labor to complete the Data Destruction process.

Media Destruction this service destroys the physical media itself. Typically, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for a specific area frowns on simply "throwing tapes away" since they are not a biodegradable product. This would also raise certain security questions in many of today's corporate auditor's minds. Therefore, The Computer Supply People offer a Media Destruction Service whereby the media is destroyed and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. We also provide a "Certificate of Media Destruction" that meets most auditor requirements.

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